Acrylamide: The Unwanted By-Product

Acrylamide is the unwanted but universal by-product of cooking foods containing asparagine, an amino acid that naturally present in carbohydrate-rich foods and coffee.

Because acrylamide is classified as a Group 2A carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO), regulatory agencies continue to view it as a problem and are developing new guidelines to decrease its levels in food products.

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The Simple, Natural Solution

Yeast is the natural choice for effectively reducing acrylamide in food because it can seamlessly and economically replace traditional baker’s yeast in your food production process.

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Turn Down the Heat on Acrylamide

We'll work with you to integrate our yeast in a way that maximizes acrylamide-reduction while minimizing food product or process changes.

No yeast in your food production process? No problem.

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