About Us

Renaissance Ingredients Inc. is the global leader in the development and commercialization of acrylamide-reducing yeast for food production. Our highly experienced research staff is dedicated to developing baker’s yeast strains that address and solve some of the food industry’s most important challenges.

Renaissance Ingredients is focused on the development and commercialization of its patented, non-GMO, acrylamide-reducing baker’s yeast technology. Our acrylamide-reducing yeast can seamlessly replace traditional baker’s yeast in food production processes, or can otherwise be easily integrated into production processes that do not normally use yeast. By consuming asparagine — the amino acid precursor necessary for the formation of acrylamide — in the ingredients prior to cooking, our yeast reduces acrylamide by up to 95 percent in the final product. Renaissance Ingredients has established this yeast technology by traditional adaptive evolution techniques, and developed it into commercially successful acrylamide-reducing yeast. This yeast is now available to help food producers make products with significantly reduced acrylamide content, thereby greatly reducing the danger posed by the carcinogen acrylamide in food.